Newfoundlands; A cuddle-puddle of loving, playful, gentle giants

No, that’s not a bear, it’s a Newfoundland. Actually, it’s a small army of them. At Notta Bear Newfoundlands in Hubbard, Oregon, Bethany Davis raises her myriad of furry family members, Shellbea, Friday, Shadrach, Sunday, The Kid, Roomie, Peek, and Mrs. Jan.

At the start of her love affair with Newfoundlands, Bethany fed her pack the food that was recommended to her. Hot spots, hair loss, dull coats, lack of energy, and growth problems were just some of the issues that she dealt with in the beginning.

After a little bit of research, she came across Champion – and it changed her dogs’ lives forever. Reading about the different diets that ORIJEN and ACANA had to offer, Bethany opted to try her dogs on ACANA’s Freshwater Fish recipe. Fish is high in Omega fatty acids, known to be a natural anti-inflammatory and making it an ideal option for dogs with allergies or intolerances to non-fish proteins.

“They’re my babies,” says mom, Bethany. “I want them to have the best, and that means feeding them the highest-quality food.”

Within days she noticed that her dogs had more energy and seemed to be doing better. At their next vet checkup, Bethany’s pack was given a clean bill of health. Now they all enjoy a busy, idyllic life of playing, swimming, snoozing, photo shoots, and watching the clock for their next meal.

Seeing the dramatic change in her dogs, Bethany decided to branch out a little higher and purchased ORIJEN Six Fish. It was official: Champion’s fish-based diets were reigning supreme, and her cuddle-puddle of gentle giants are healthy, happy, thriving, and ready for their close-ups.