Papillon, 5; A loving, happy, and playful boy

In French, papillon means butterfly. And it’s an apt way to describe Benny and his tale in just one word.

Rescued from a local shelter, Benny came to his forever family with a dull coat; red, itchy, inflamed skin; and frequent sneezing. Benny’s vet suggested that his symptoms could be food-related, so Benny’s mom Larissa researched luxury pet food brands. She wanted only the top quality for her new family member and found the answer to her query with ACANA.

Benny’s parents were overjoyed to see their beloved boy start to heal.

Benny began eating ACANA’s Wild Atlantic diet and emerged from his cocoon. His coat improved; the red, itchy, irritated skin was soothed and cleared up; and the scratching and sneezing stopped. His parents were overjoyed to see their beloved Benny start to heal, and see his shining form match his dazzling personality.

Anyone who’s known Benny since his cocoon phase got to watch this loving, playful pet blossom into a healthy, thriving dog with a zest for life and a deep bond with his family. Now Benny spends his days with his feline brother, Frank, and his parents, Larissa and Collin. He’s happy, healthy, and flourishing, surrounded by who he loves best.