ACANA Singles

American Choice Best Brand Award

Limited ingredient shouldn’t mean less meat. That’s why we make five nourishing single-protein foods, perfect for choosy eaters or dogs with food sensitivities.

ACANA’s Biologically Appropriate limited ingredient foods are chock-full of quality animal ingredients, including grass-fed lamb, free-run poultry, Yorkshire pork, and ranch-raised meat, and then infused with freeze-dried liver, creating a nourishing diet with a delicious taste that dogs crave.

  • Complete nutrition
    More turkey, less legumes & no peas
  • Digestive health
    Single animal protein source
  • Peak health support
    Taurine and essential Vitamins & minerals


  • Biologically appropriateRich in wholeprey ratios of animal protein
  • + essential nutrientsOur proprietary heart-healthy vitamin pack supports peak functionality
  • Wholesome GrainsRich in fiber and highly nutritious, supporting optimum gut health
  • Legumes, Gluten, or potatoFarm-grown oats help promote stable blood-sugar levels


  • Why did you change the ACANA Singles diets?

  • Will I need to transition?

  • Are these diets for all life stages?

  • Can these diets be fed to a large-breed puppy?

  • Are these available everywhere?

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