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An Abundant Variety of Fresh Meat


Consider the variation in the natural diet: eggs today, a duck or goose tomorrow, fish the next. A rich variety of fresh meat is a key principle of our award-winning Biologically Appropriate philosophy.

This variety is often lost in some dog and cat foods, which typically feature a single animal ingredient, such as chicken or lamb, that’s highly processed and seldom authentically fresh.

ACANA is different, providing a minimum of three fresh meats, from ranch-raised red meat, free-run poultry, and wild-caught fish, supplying your dog or cat with a richly nourishing diversity of protein and fat to promote peak health.

* Except ACANA Singles, which feature a single WholePrey animal source

Red Meat

Raised on farms and ranches in the heart of Kentucky’s ranching country, using nature’s simple recipe of fresh air, clean water, and natural grasses, our beef, bison, lamb, pork, and mutton are delivered fresh or raw, without artificial preservatives and loaded with goodness and taste.

Ranch-raised Beef
Appalachian Ranches
Plains Bison
Appalachian Ranches
Grass-fed Lamb
Kentucky’s Grassland Farms
Grass-fed Mutton
Kentucky’s Grassland Farms
Yorkshire Pork
Kentucky’s Grassland Farms
Antibiotic-free | Grass-fed | Delivered fresh or raw | From federally inspected facilities

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Free-Run Poultry & Eggs

Raised free-run on regional farms, our chicken, turkey, duck, quail, and cage-free eggs are sourced from federally inspected facilities and delivered fresh or raw so they’re full of nourishing protein and fat.

Free-run Chicken
Kentucky Farms
Free-run Turkey
Indiana Farms
Free-run Duck
Kentucky Farms
Free-run Quail
South Carolina Farms
Cage-free Eggs
Kentucky Farms
Antibiotic-free | Free-run | Delivered fresh or raw | From federally inspected facilities

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Sustainable & Wild-Caught Fish

Our saltwater fish are sustainable and wild-caught from New England, and our freshwater fish are from regional lakes — all sourced from federally inspected facilities and whisked to our kitchen, fresh or raw.

Saltwater Fish

Atlantic Herring
New England
Yellowtail Flounder
New England
Silver Hake
New England
Acadian Redfish
New England
New England

Freshwater Fish

Blue Catfish
Local Kentucky Lakes
Rainbow Trout
Idaho Snake River Aquifers
Yellow Perch
Ohio Great Lakes
Wild | Sustainable & wild-caught | Delivered fresh or raw | From federally inspected facilities

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